Who is the bookmaker and how to become one?

Bookmaker is a profession that appeared long before online sports betting appeared. This is a person who specializes in wagering. He accepts money bets on events that are about to happen. They do not necessarily relate to sports disciplines. Events can be political, cultural, or economic. After the sports match has taken place, the bookmaker calculates the bets and gives out the winnings.

The history of bookmaking and the essence of the specialty

The first sports betting appeared more than a thousand years ago. Then such disciplines as carriage races, gladiatorial competitions, Olympic games were popular. Initially, the money was not used. Instead of them, personal belongings were put on the line – dishes, clothes, furniture, food, weapons. Sometimes even slaves and relatives lost or won.
The bookmaker was engaged in collecting all the bets in a single prize fund and took a certain percentage for himself as an intermediary. Then the values were distributed among the winners. In its modern form, sweepstakes appeared in the 18th century. It was then that people began to bet for money on such familiar sports as football, boxing, golf, horse racing.

  • to form systems thinking;
  • comprehensively study the bookmaking business;
  • deeply study one discipline;
  • download and use programs used by professional sports analysts;
  • independently place bets on sports.

Systems thinking is very important when working as a sports analyst. Most often, representatives of such professions as an economist, financier, or mathematician have it. It is useful to read all the available literature on the betting business, as well as take at least free courses for sports analysts.
It is better to thoroughly study one sport, and not take on all disciplines at once. The most in-demand will be the analyst who specializes only, for example, in football or tennis. To deeply study a particular sport, you need to follow the news about it every day, regularly watch matches.
To eventually get a chance to become a high-paid bookmaker, you need to declare yourself. To do this, you can create a personal blog or business card site. There you need to publish the author’s forecasts and thoughts about a particular sporting event. If you still haven’t succeeded in becoming an analyst at a bookmaker, there is always a chance to apply your knowledge in privateering. Sports predictions can be made and sold to customers.

According to the law, a bookmaker can be:

  • officially registered legal entity;
  • a specialized enterprise whose property value is not less than UAH 30 million;
  • it is additionally necessary to purchase a license, the cost of which is UAH 180 million.

Previously, private entrepreneurs could engage in bookmaking without a license, but now this is prohibited. In addition, beneficiaries, accountants, shareholders, and managers of the bookmaker company must have an impeccable business reputation to obtain permission for this type of activity. Bookmakers are:

  • clerks;
  • administrators;
  • prematch analytics;
  • live analysts;
  • system administrators;
  • employees of the security service.

The lowest-paid position in bookmaking is a teller. This person is engaged in accepting bets and money from the bettor. The administrator monitors the work of tellers, draws up a work schedule.

A prematch analyst is a more qualified specialist, his salary is higher. He is engaged in the selection of coefficients, sets the bookmaker’s margin. Analysts often specialize in one or more disciplines.

Live analysts post profitable quotes for the bookmaker at a time when the sporting event is already underway. System administrators are IT specialists, provide the technical part of the bookmaker’s work. Thanks to such staff, there is also the best betting app for ipl cricket that can be installed on iOS or Android.

What it takes to become a bookmaker

Depending on the position, the requirements for the bookmaker are different. Each BC employee must:

  • be able to quickly analyze information and count;
  • have a developed logical thinking and analytical mindset;
  • be patient and assiduous;
  • have attentiveness and good memory;
  • thoroughly understand at least several sports.

You don’t need to have a college degree to become a bookmaker. You can create your own business, but for the majority, it is impossible, because a huge amount of funds is needed to buy a license. Most bookmaker offices are now presented in the form of sites, so such vacancies as cashier operator and administrator are not available.

One of the available ways to get such a job is to become a sought-after sports analyst with a good background of knowledge. This will take years of practice and training. To become a professional, you need:

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