OEM Unlock Official Verizon Google Pixel 2 XL (WORKING!) Warranty Replacement

Started with device on July 5th security patch Android Oreo 8.1. 100% Verizon device. Got replacement phone in the mail. No SIM inside. Turned it on. Plugged it in to a computer. Skipped past everything on setup. Turned on Developer options. OEM Unlock was grayed out.

Turned off automatic system updates in dev options. Turned on USB Debugging. Keep screen awake while charging. Ran ADB “adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.android.phone”. Turned on wifi and waited a couple minutes in the chrome browser. Returned to Developer options and OEM Unlock was no longer grayed out. Ticked it.

Kept phone running for a few minutes. Turned device off and booted to fastboot. Still locked. Returned to system from bootloader. OEM Unlock still blue. Let apps update and also logged into Google account. Noticed OEM Unlock was staying unlocked through a couple reboots.

Decided to upgrade to Pie. Did it OTA. OEM Unlock stuck through the update. Shut down phone from system. Once phone was off I held down power button and the volume down button to take me to Fastboot mode. Ran “fastboot flashing unlock”. BOOM! Got the the screen to say yes or no to bootloader unlock.

Device was erased because I chose yes. OEM Unlock grayed out again but in unlocked position? Hmm…ok with me. The strangest thing happened when I checked my IMEI when I was done. I had checked before I started also and I could have sworn there was different information than what I ended up with at the last check. Im tired..maybe just trippin out. The OEM Unlock toggle is available to toggle again.

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