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Best Apps for Phone Customization

With so many different shapes, sizes, and colors that exist among app icons from the Google Play Store, Lines Free is able to standardize the icons into clean, sleek outlines to provide more transparency for the background as

Classic Racing Games for Android

Tiki gods just wanna have fun. And, inside a volcano, go-cart racing apparently ranks high on the fun list. Tiki Kart 3D is a game that lets you pick a god, and drive his cart in a circuit

See the world in 3D with these educational apps

In the last few years, 3D has moved beyond movie theaters and flat-screen TVs to handheld and tablet devices. These five mobile applications all use the third dimension for different ends, from exploring entire cities to physical projects

Most useful apps for teachers

ClassDojo is one of the best virtual classroom applications. Parents want to know about what’s happening in the classes, how their children’s performance goes, and also want to make sure if the teacher is doing her job right.

Read on the go with Nook Android app

Of course, the Nook reading app wouldn’t be complete without adding the ability to shop for more than 4 million Barnes & Noble eBooks right from your phone, including 1 million free eBooks. Grab this month’s new releases

Android word games to test your spelling and knowledge

Word Twist Pro is a fast-paced, Boggle-like action word game. In this game, try to pick out the hidden words in the scrambled grid of letters. Words must be at least three letters long and may include derived

Practo App Is Making Healthcare Accessible

Once a user logs in, within India they will have 100 cities to choose from. Once you pick a city you can view doctors and clinics in each area. There are three main tabs to choose from on

The Best Traffic Apps for Android

Waze is the world’s largest and number one community-based traffic and navigation app with which you can share real-time traffic and road info so that you and fellow drivers can save precious time, gas money, and make the

Best Voice Changer Apps for Android

This app does not fool around and boasts its sky-high self-confidence with its simple yet undeniably catchy and somewhat funny name. With Best Voice Changer, you can not only change your voice by selecting from a wide range

Android App Video Review: rymdkapsel

Taking the RTS genre, stripping away all the unnecessary clutter, and combining it with Tetris (no really), rymdkapsel has managed to captivate mobile gamers. It only captivates them for a short while, as the game is a little