Day: October 16, 2021

How to solve err_blocked_by_response on android

In my application, I want to load a piece of the website using a web view. I’m getting an error saying: err_blocked_by_response. I understand that it’s because X-Frame-Options is set to SAMEORIGIN. My question is, is it possible

How to fix Invalid sparse file format at header magic [Fastboot]

Okay, so I own a Red Magic 6 and it’s currently bricked. There is no unbrick tool for this device yet and there isn’t going to be one for a while. My bootloader is unlocked. I have tried

Error: Module not specified Android Studio

I’ve formatted my Mac and downloaded Android Studio again the latest version 4.1 then I got my files from the cloud successfully with no issues. The problem is when I try to open any one of my Android

[Guide] Enabling Full speed Hotspot / Tethering (Throttle Bypasses)

If your rooted then theres various ways to bypass and if used together chances are good you won’t have to pay 2x for data: modifying your apn to allow dun type, adding the line: net.tethering.noprovisioning=true to your build.prop